About UBM

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The Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians (UBM) is a voluntary, creative, non-political organization whose purpose is to bring together people who are interested in mathematics and computer science or are involved in activities related to those fields.

The birth date of the UBM was February 14, 1898 when a group of enthusiastic lecturers and teachers founded the Physical and Mathematical Society, a forerunner of the UBM. Since the very beginning of its existence, the UBM has been an open organization. As a result of the institution of sections in many towns of the country, the UBM gradually became a national enterprise. For this reason at its 40th anniversary the Physical and Mathematical Society was renamed the Bulgarian Physical and Mathematical Society. Mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists and others researching closely related scientific issues and problems of education worked together in the same society until 1971, when they decided to separate and to form two independent organizations - the Society of Bulgarian Mathematicians and Society of Bulgarian Physicists. In 1977 a Constituent Congress was held, at which the UBM assumed its current name.

In the last years the number of sections of the UBM has been growing swiftly. In 1998, the year of its anniversary, the UBM had about 5000 members - teachers in mathematics and computer science, university lecturers, and scholars and specialists from all parts of the country. At present the activities of the UBM, whose organization and management are founded on contemporary scientific principles, comprise everything in the country which is related to mathematics and computer science: holding scientific events; supporting the professional training of teachers, researchers and students; analyzing problems of education at all stages; organizing Olympiads, competitions and contests for students and teachers; popularizing mathematics and computer science among students and the general public.

More information about UBM (in Bulgarian) can be found on www.math.bas.bg/smb.